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Bonus $500 Gift Voucher

Bonus $500 Gift Voucher



Find your the perfect gift at One Red Hill

20% Off all Pet Products

During the month of May 2024


Enter Discount Code Mypet at checkout During the month of May 2024 to get an amazing 20% off your purchase of any pet products 



Do your friends & family shop online ?

Do you get paid when they purchase something online ?

Why Not  ?

You could if they were to shop online at One Red Hill . Com

Find out how 




To all new customers save a whopping 15% off your first purchase on anything store wide.

Just enter the code SAVE15 at checkout to get a discount of 15% off the purchase price of your order.

This special deal is for the first purchase for any new customer.

( This coupon code can be used only once per customer )

Hurry, This Offer ends 30th December 2024




You Can Make $$$ At  One Red Hill . Com

Individual people who are allocated a unique Coupon Code, When they promote this Coupon Code to others, whether by word of mouth or advertisement in email or sign on their front door or window, etc, however you advertise that Coupon Code. Should anyone complete a purchase at One Red Hill . Com using your Coupon Code, that customer will receive a 10% discount off their purchase price of the item, and you shall receive 10% of that purchase price of that item.

Eg. you are given a Coupon Code, and a friend or neighbour or work collogue purchased $100 worth of items at One Red Hill . Com, the customer would receive a 10% discount and would only need to pay $90.

Even though you may not know they purchased the item, you would receive 10% of that $90 purchase price, therefore you would receive $9.

If 5 people over 12 months spent $200 each using your Coupon Code, they will receive the 10% discount, and you would receive $90 because they purchased something at One Red Hill . Com using your Coupon Code.




Use Coupon Code Victoria to receive 10% off your purchases at One Red Hill . Com





Use Coupon Code Benalla to receive 10% off your purchases at One Red Hill . Com




Use Coupon Code Chris to receive 10% off your purchases at One Red Hill . Com





Use Coupon Code Adelaide to receive 10% off your purchases at One Red Hill . Com



5 X $1,000 Give Away's

To be included with a chance to receive 1 of five $1,000 give away's all you would need to do is be one of the 5,000 people to use the coupon code 5000 in a completed purchase of anything store wide on

There is 5,000 available 5000 coupons to be used. Once all 5,000 coupons are used, 5 lucky customers will be random draw from those who used the 5000 coupon, these 5 lucky customers will receive $1,000.

This coupon is a limited time offer. Ends December 31 if not all 5000 coupons used by then.



 Notice To All Businesses

Want to raise some additional funds for your business / club / community / special individual 

Want to provide additional products / services / discounts to your customers at no extra cost ? 

Want to drive more interest to your business ?  

One Red Hill . Com maybe able to cater a special deal for you at no cost.

Whether it be give aways, discounts or promotions, find out what One Red Hill . Com could do for you and / or your customers.  

  • Video Promotions.
  • Shop Promotions. 
  • Product Promotions.
  • Event Promotions.
  • Sales Promotions.
  • Discount Promotions.
  • Brand Awareness Promotions. 

Also depending on your shop / club / community / individual needs, a short  special promotional video and / or photos of your shop or club could be created to cater for your specific needs, and promoted on One Red Hill . Com for all to see, along with your promotional discount code.

Contact us at One Red Hill . Com to help bring awareness of your Business / Products / Services to to our growing list of followers.




  Additional Promotion to all Businesses & Customers

All active participating promotions will be displayed on this webpage.



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