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Offers and benefits. ( this will be updated very soon )

What is listed below is negotiable, not locked in, its a starting point for negotiation if you require something altered / changed.

 10% - 15% - 20% Commissions Available.

Hello, you maybe asking what is One Red Hill . Com and why promote them ?

I will tell you a little about One Red Hill . Com shortly, but I am sure you first interested in "What is there in it for me as an Affiliate / Creator " ? 

Ok, we will get to that first, and then tell a little about us.

We see that 10% is the default starting offer on Collabs, so we thought this would be a starting point.

This would mean by default Affiliates / Creators would get 10% commission and customers would get a 10% discount on their purchases.

During 2024 every 100th customer of each month will be given a $100 gift card.

Each new customer can get 20% off their first purchase and 25% off their 2nd purchase.

1) Any affiliate / Creator who attracts a customers to our online store, and that customer goes and successfully completes a purchase through your lead at our online store, the Affiliate / Creator would receive a 10% commission from that sale.


2) Should a Affiliate / Creator through their leads reach 100,000 sales at our online store, then we could increase the commission per sale to 15% commission for that Affiliate / Creator.


3) Should a Affiliate / Creator through their leads reach 1,000,000 sales at our online store, then we could increase the commission per sale to 20% commission for that Affiliate / Creator.


Yes we do offer specials and discounts from time to time on different items and collections and sometimes across our entire store, so thats more discount to items you could offer to potential customers.


It is our hope with your assistance to give $1 million away to Affiliates and Creators in 2024 in sales commission.

We try to keep our prices reasonably low, so large % of the sale price is cost.


We are a relatively new online store so we are at this very moment not giving out free samples to people to play with and review at the moment, though as soon as a few sales comes in, that will definitely change as it is a definite plan of One Red Hill . Com to give away a large % of the profits made at One Red Hill . Com.


We would love to help and bless those who help and bless us to reach and achieve our goals. 


At the moment we have items varying in price range from as low as $5, to as high as $900, So commissions could be anything between $0.50 to as high as $90 per sale.


Who and what is One Red Hill . Com all about ? 

We have been around Australia and been to towns and villages in remote Papua New Guinea and seen the very poor living conditions of people in the slums of India.

We have been to remote towns and villages where no westerners has been before, seen people with such great needs. We been to places where it rains virtually every single night, yet water is something they have to scoop out of a rusty drum. Or they have to travel a few hundred meters sometimes into hostile areas of tribal conflict areas to try and barter with them in order to fetch drinkable water.

Towns and villagers who only get seasonal income or no income at all, and struggle to afford to put their children through school, where children  daily travel a number of km through mountainous terrain each way to get to school and back again. Where drunkenness and domestic violence and tribal warfare and payback is an only too common occurrence. 

Where majority of them have to grow their own food in order to survive and live in poor timber homes made from either broken pallets or tree branchs.

Where unemployment is at staggering high levels, where entire communities have no jobs, no industry, no business and no employment. Leading to boredom, alcohol and drug abuse and violence and crime.

Through One Red Hill . Com it is out hope and desire to raise funds to be able to afford to assist people with their needs. Create community projects run by the community highlighting the problems and dangers of domestic violence and drunkenness and abuse, and to highlight the problems they cause, and to share that there is an alternative.

There is such a massive unemployment and conflicts people are without hope for a future better life.

With the funds raised from sales of items at One Red Hill . Com we could utilise the massive unemployment with local churchs and community people to provide assistance to people in 4 ways as listed below.

Assistance can be in the form of a few hundred dollars to start their own small micro business to selling their own produce in towns / villages, or bringing items from town to their home communities so they can provide for their own needs, and their families and communities.

Also funds could be used to help people have better accommodation and better water catchment and storage.

With such massive unemployment we could utilise funds to hire unemployed peoples to participate in building and creating community projects which would benefit the communities.


Therefore we created online store to raise funds to help people in 4 key areas as listed below.


Physical / Social / Education / Spiritual needs.



This area is where we aim to help people in their immediate needs such as food clothing and shelter, etc, things that help with their physical body.



This would be getting people to connect with others in social activities, special events and community projects etc, getting people to meet and interact for their social well being. Supporting families, friends and social interactions & building bridges between families and communities. Engage with sporting activities, community drop in centres, artistic display and performances focused around improving peoples lives and communities. 



Family social & financial economics & social cohesion, health and well being, teaching people to read & write & general knowledge, learn skills to either get a job or start their own business, national society & world history

This would be to where possible assist people read and write and learn about history and things that are happening in their world, and skills to assist them gain employment or start a business of their own so that they can earn an income should they need to provide for themselves and their family and be a productive member of society.



To let people know that they are important and that they matter, to share with them that they are valuable and that there is a God who loves and cares for them and thinks they are so very important and special, more than they could possibly imagine, and who willingly gave their life for them, no matter where they are in live, to know they are special and important. That like a Dad or Mum would willingly give their lives for them and their children, so to are they very special and loved in Gods eyes, despite what the world says about them.

We would like to bless those who help us achieve our goals to enable us to assist others who are in need.

Treat others the same way you would want others to treat you.
We have come so that others can have a good life & to have it to their fullest.
Todays world people struggle so much with many missed opportunities, with a little assistance, many peoples lives can be changed for the better, one life at a time.
If it is in your power to do good. Then let us work towards doing it. Not just talking it.

Treating others in the same way that we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.

Inspiring People - Changing Lives
One Life At A Time