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Who is One Red Hill . Com and what does it stand for ?

Why should I buy from One Red Hill ?

Why not rather buy from Ebay or Amazon or Etsy, or some other places that are well known and established with well known reputations ? It is your free choice to purchase from any of them above mentioned names, they are all well known and established, a lot of independent resellers and individuals are selling their items on their platforms. Many have their own stores and also sell on those platforms.

We too at one stage used to sell many items on Ebay. We are not saying to stay away from them.

We only ask that you would give us a consideration for your next online purchase.

We have always wanted and hope for big business to fund humanitarian aid to those who are in need. But more times than not we do not see that happening.

Myself and others have travelled around Australia and Papua New Guinea and viewed the living conditions of many in India. With seeing and experiencing all this we get a first hand experience in seeing that there was a great need with people around the world, so much opportunity and potential and the workers to do such things were so few. With so many people with so many needs, from decent housing requirements, secure roads, basic education lacking in many areas, massive unemployment and under employment, seasonal incomes or no incomes at all.


Lack of water supply in remote areas where it rains virtually every single night in the poorest of the poorest areas. Where they should have an abundance of fresh drinking water - was reduced to scooping little bits of water from a rusty drum, or walk hundreds of meters to fetch water in containers from potentially hostile neighbours and maybe have to barter in order to bring water back from a little flowing creek.

From a westerner spending much time in remote villages and developing townships where streets are pot hole riddle and dirty, where domestic and social violence and drunkenness was common thing.

We could see a world of potential and opportunity to help share the Gospel message and to help improve the lives of many in the community. From water capture and storage, to education, employment with helping people start little home businesses and market stores, to community activities.

With massive youth unemployment the potential labour pool is virtually endless.

Could tap into that unused resource as many do not get the opportunity to get a job to earn an income. We could utilise the massive potential work force opportunity in building better more secure home accommodation, food & market stalls which provide cheap healthy meals with a theme to sharing stories and performances highlighting issues within the community that may need to be addressed, such as alcohol abuse, drunkenness, domestic violence, rape, youth pregnancy, honour and revenge killings, STD's, unemployment, crime, cycles of revenge attacks between different groups, etc.

Underlying everything could see that there was a great need for families and communities to truly have the Messiah as their Lord and Saviour.

There were some nice people, and there were some violent and deceptive people there too, even witchcraft.

With such massive unemployment and under employment and poverty many did not have the means or insight to carry out task that could revolutionise their families and communities as many would mainly focus on the struggle to just live life and to just get by.

God does not want us to only just get by, John 10:10  says that he has come so that we can have life to the fullest.

When there we would share stories about strengthening family bonds, what it is like in my own country and community, share in their community activities, and sharing the Gospel message. After multiple trips to such towns and villages and communities over the years, when we came back to our home country we share with our church and friends what it was like over there. Some pass it off as interesting while others thought the culture was interesting.

However after coming back and in a hotel apartment I felt thrown back and it hit me like a message "Full time missionary". I was not well funded, I was not apart of any large missionary or outreach organisation. The state / national church denomination I attend has no connection to the country or community where I had been and therefore was not able to provide any assistance.

But the drive to want to share the gospel and help the community strengthen families and communities in a culturally sensitive way that is apart of their culture was always there. Our church had many people from different community outreach orgaisations come and visit, but one after another either did not participate in such activities as I was sharing about, or would have no connections to the communities I was sharing about.

Basically I was alone in wanting to share the gospel message to a community nation of about 10 million people, where provincial communities of a few hundred thousand.

We continued to share about what we were desiring to go and do for many years, but never getting any backing or support from any such organisation or church to go and minister to such nations or communities, as that was not the country they deal with, or that is not what they do as they do not get involved in grass roots community projects in them countries.

Having been there many times and interacting with the communities in the towns and remote villages, we could see such a great need and a lot of potential people to call into the harvest of work over there, but nobody to support to take the reigns to take on such an undertaking.

Doing such would involve 2 things, 1 is unfortunately a lot of money to cover transport and accommodation and living expenses, and materials for such a ministry, and 2 is labor to carry out such a task.

If we had the funds for the transport and living expenses and materials, then we should easily get the labor to carry out the various task as the massive unemployment and under employment would mean we would have an abundance of potential workers, and with a number of local churchs that do exist, we could tap into some of them to hire where there is a massive unemployment and where they would want to see their families and communities have better life and standard of living due to such proposed activities.

This is primary why we started ONE RED HILL . COM so that we could raise some funds by selling items to people online, and using them funds to help the families and communities in 4 ways as described below. While over there we saw with what little we did have and what we did share made such a difference to a large number of people within a few different communities.


People who had previously never seen a westerner in real life before in their remote communities. And seeing how over joy they were when they see the Gospel was brought to them. We also seen what a difference it has been to some here at home in our capital city when with some ( not all ) who when sharing the Gospel message of Gods love for them brought some people to tears, people who previously thought they were not worth anything. Once hearing about seeing a first hand living miracle healing. Though we are not into healing ministries, we are all about sharing the Gospel message that Christ came to save sinners, and nobody is beyond his love, and that Gods love extends to them, even to those who feel as though they are outside of Gods love and are unlovable. What a blessing it is to share the Good news of the Gospel to those who do not know the Lord.

To share with people that there is a God that loves them and cares for them more than they could possibly know.

There is a God who loves them so much that they believe that they are so special and important that to them they are someone worth dying for, and that they willingly gave their life for them.

To know regardless what we think, to God they are someone so incredibly valuable and special and they would do anything to have them with them in Paradise. God cares for them so much that they came to give them a peace that is beyond any worldly way of understanding. As much as the Heavenly Father loves his son he also loves them just as much, and as much as the Father and the son are one, that they want to be one with them also ( John 17:20-23 ), and that they have paid for all the sins and wrongs they have done because God loves them so much. Just as a Dad or Mum would do absolutely everything and anything for their child, likewise God loves them and willingly gave his life for them so that they would not be separated, but could be united in perfect love and peace that is beyond all worldly understanding.

It is truly an amazing blessing to seeing first hand what the love and grace and Good News of the Gospel has done for peoples lives both physically and spiritually and emotionally. It truly is a blessing to be able to share the Gospel with those who do not know God or the depth of the love God has for them.

This is where we could use some of the funds raised from sales made at ONE RED HILL . COM in the following ways. What an amazing blessing it would be to bless people in 4 ways.

  1. Physically: Providing people who need Food & Clothing & Shelter to stay, to meet the physical needs of people. This would also include providing rain water capture and water containers to provide much needed drinking and washing water for many many families and communities who would benefit from this so greatly.
  2. Socially: People are social beings, to be able to put on community events and social gatherings to give people a sense of worth and value, so people can interact with one another. Sharing knowledge and community activities and social sporting events.
  3. Education: Teach people to read and write where needed, and to teach people what has been going on in the world, current affairs and historical events, and to provide an education and resources so that people can either get a job or start their own little business so that they would be able to provide for themselves and their families.
  4. Spiritually: The Bible - The Precious Blood OF Messiah. To share the Good News Gospel of that there is a God who loves them beyond all understanding and would do and has done absolutely everything in order to reunite with them and to show they are valuable and important, and that God has paid for all their wrongs and sins and shame, that the loving Father has provided a way that they can be united with God in love through his Son who has done everything to break away any walls of division between them and God, for he has such a great love for them. That through the precious Blood of Christ God has freed us from sin and death, and that God has plans to prosper them and to give them a great and wonderful future, and God only wants the very best for them, and that he wants them to have a wonderful life full of blessings. Put Bibles and other Bible booklets into their hands so they can read about it themselves in their own time.

We saw what an amazing difference it made in the lives of many with just a few hundred dollars worth of Bibles and Bible materials, and some various treats and gifts to hand out to people.

This is why we started One Red Hill to sell items we hope people would like to buy, and we could raise some funds to go towards various different community projects and to go towards sharing the Gospel Message, and making impact in improving peoples lives.

If this is your first time visiting One Red Hill, or the first time reading this message about One Red Hill. We are not saying for you to purchase from us just for the sake of purchasing. No. But if you were looking to purchase something online, we only ask that you give us consideration to purchase from before you purchase. Look at our store, search what we have, if there is something you like or would want, we hope you would consider purchasing from us as it would make a difference.

We aim to provide you with a wide range of good products at great prices as much as we can. We also aim to offer discounts and benefits to assist you in saying thank you for shopping with us at ONE RED HILL . COM If you are looking for something and we do not have it on our store, please let us know about what it is that you are looking for and we will see if it is something we could source for you at a great price.

What are some of our favourite Bible verses we like to share with others we witness to about Gods love ?

John 10:10

John 17:20 to 23

Romans 5:6-10

Jeremiah 29:11

Romans 8:31, 34-35, 37-39

Although I do not share each and every single Bible verse like just quote Bible verses, what these verses says, I share some verses and in describing what it is like to have a relationship with God - though could be described as being mentioned from them above Bible passages. People do not want to hear Bible verses preached to them, they want to / need to hear how they matter to God and what HE has done personally for each of them.

Help make sharing the Gospel message of Gods love with others a reality.


2 of my sayings I like,

1 + God = a Majority

Every day is a great day when God is on your side.




If the Son has made you free -  Then you are Free Indeed  ! ! 
We are nobody's captive. Big Pharma or government.
I belong to Christ, not government. 
John 8:36
And we were purchased by the Blood Of Christ



Digital ID - DO NOT COMPLY to it.
Ignore any and all request for any form of digital ID BS laws and bills.
Ignore it. If they say they want digital ID, tell them to stick it up their clacker.
No Digital ID BS.
No Digital Currency BS.
No to all forms of the leftist woke BS.
No to WEF / WHO / UN / AUKUS / G7 / G20 / 5 Eyes - BS, etc etc.
No to DEI / ESG / Gender Affirming Care / Drag Time / Puberty Blockers / CRT - BS.
No to Misinformation / Disinformation / Censorship - BS.
No to Federal & State & Local Governments tyranny dictatorship control.
No to 5G.
No to Bioweapon ( vaccine ) Mandates - No Jab No Job No Service - BS.
No to Fluoride In Water.
No to ALL Forms of Political Correctness. Toughen up Princess.
Only 2 Genders, born with a Penis and Testicles - you are a Boy and will grow up to be a Man.
Only 2 Genders, born with a Vagina - you are a Girl and will grow up to be a Woman.
100% YES to Keep Cash & Coins In Full Unrestricted Circulation. Cash Is King.
Yes to Bibles Back In Schools & Hotel Rooms.
Yes To Bible Prays In Schools.
Get Wages back to 1 household income can support a family of 6 easy to afford to send all to school of their choice, and one parent can afford to stay at home and care for the children and household, and be able to afford to go away on a holiday with the entire family for a few weeks and not be financially burdened.
Deport all the terrorist and those who are supporting the terrorist who are always chanting genocide messages and defacing private and public property with genocide messages around our city.
End all Career globalist politicians.
End all Business & private backed and foundations backed and funded politicians.
End all Scamdemic / Plandemic mandates & bring in retribution for those who enforced and promoted it, and compensation for those who suffered losses because of it - Financial losses - Physical damages & emotional trauma that it has caused.
And this is only just for starters ! !